Daily Life #1: Kanji’s Humor, Bravely Default, Don’t Break the Chain

Evening!  (:

I woke up at like 4 PM today because my father thought it’d be a good idea to wake me up at 6 AM in the morning for something he could do something himself.  As soon as that was over, I knocked out and there went my plan to have a nice three hour nap!

In other things though, I hung up some calendars (15 of them, actually) in my room.  Why so many?  They’re not any ordinary calendars – they’re titled ‘Don’t Break the Chain’.  The objective is to basically put down an activity – and a duration time if it has one – and cross out the days on the calendar each time you actually do that task, trying to not break the streak of crossed out days.  If you do…guess you’ll have to restart the chain!  xD  The pretty calendars I printed out can be found here:  [Don’t Break the Chain 2014]

I thought it was a neat idea, especially since it would be visible in front of me.  So I printed a whole bunch of the calendars out and wrote various tasks on them – there’s one for studying Japanese, about 10 are for school because I procrastinate like a pro (3 YEARS RUNNING WOO THAT’S NOT A GOOD THING), one for my poor sleeping habits, one for practicing in Photoshop, and one for editing Passion Pink’s script because dear Asahina knows that if I don’t keep a regular schedule I’ll end up doing it at the last minute and I would rather edit the routes with care.  (。・ω・。)

I should probably print out some more calendars for my health habits too.  Ooops.  My chest has been hurting a little more often too, and I definitely know it’s not because I’m developing Glass Heart Syndrome LOL.

Asides from my RL troubles, Bravely Default demo was released~!  \o/  It’s so adorable too ahahaha, and I love how Square Enix likes to give us many uses (30 again, just like Theatrhythm)!  Not sure I’ll play juuuust yet, especially with finals coming up at the end of this month.  Kind of sad that I won’t be able to get the limited edition for BD but I can live with it after all, BD’s box is nothing compared to a ROT box– //slapped

I think Christine would love the BD box though, especially since she’s in love with Linked Horizon/Revo.  Hoping some of their songs for BD are in that OST that’s included!

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Lesson #1 log: romaji, hiragana, katakana, and kanji

Commentary on Lesson: Honestly, this was easy to understand. I read it over three times to make sure I fully understood everything, and yeah!  Nothing really needed to work on since I understand it all, but if I forget I’ll come back for a refresher.


  1. It’s useless.  Don’t learn it unless you want to run the risk of impeding your own learning and speech.

Hiragana (feminine, curved characters)

  1. Helps pronunciation
  2. Speeds up learning process and helps us get to the important lessons
  3. Helps w/ difficult kanji – when kanji is too difficult to read, it can be broken down into hiragana.
  4. Words w/ no kanji use hiragana or katakana.
  5. Particles like ‘and’, ‘or’ are written in hiragana.
  6. Honorifics/Suffixes are written in hiragana.
  7. Gives context to adjectives and verbs – past, present, and future tenses.

Katakana (rigid, angular characters)

  1. Same pronunciation as Hiragana
  2. Used for foreign words, scientific terms, onomatopoeia, emphasis (think italics), and food

Kanji (chinese characters)

  1. To get by comfortably, must know 2000-3000 kanji
  2. Originated in China, but was reintroduced with new pronunciations over and over again with the dynasties
  3. The Japanese simply combined them all for all characters, on top of their own.
  4. All vocabulary words – nouns, verbs, adjectives – are written partially in kanji (thus why you need to know a lot).

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So uh– I’m actually using this! Wooo. \o/ Switched to this after getting sick of LJ – I’ll probably used LJ to archive my JP Logs lol.

This blog’s basically going to be my Japanese Log. I’m learning Japanese and my textbook says to keep one. I think it’d be useful and fun, so yeah!

Basically, in this Journal, after each time I learn something, I fill out the following:

-What you learned.
-How you felt about what you learned (was it frustrating? Easy? etc) so you can figure out what causes you trouble and focus on fixing that.
-What you need to work on.
-What you want to learn next.

Also, copy-pasta-ing here so I have incentives to learn and stuff – why I want to learn and non-valid reasons why I shouldn’t learn hahaha.

Why Are You Learning Japanese?
A: To be able to read books/manga/games/otome games/magazines/websites/art without needing someone or google translate to translate for me.
So I can fully enjoy these things naturally unavailable to me in English. Also, if I ever encounter the need, be able to translate for someone or use it for a job.
Plus the Japanese language has always fascinated me LOL.

What Excuses Hold You Back?
-I don’t have time
-I’m not sure I’ll be able to learn properly.
-Am I sure I’ll be doing this correctly?

So yeah! I will be heading on to the next lesson and filling one out when I have to!

This blog will also be where I blog about my gaming, sometimes about my life.  Idk, I feel a bunch of stuff that wouldn’t normally go on my tumblr goes here hahahaha.

Let’s all get along! c: